Various processes and works are constantly taking place in the public sector. Our solution will move everything to the Geographic Information Systems space.

GIS for Public service & Government

You will be able monitor this in real-time on interactive maps and data dashboards. You will be able to quickly provide important data to partners, customers or other important people through Web Applications. Your employees and contractors will be able to monitor, collect data and receive tasks using Mobile Applications. With the potential of GIS exhausted, we could continue to implement Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that make it easy to solve the complex problems of managing large data, see what would be difficult or even impossible to notice just by looking at the data tables.

The solution for Public Service consists of:

  • Creation GIS database and maps – view Your business and data you managing on an interactive map.
  • Creation of Web Applications – for viewing and analyzing the data.
  • Creation of Mobile Applications – for viewing, analyzing, collecting and editing the data.
  • Creation of Data Dashboards – for visualize the data overview reports, graphics and the data summaries.
  • Maintenance and Support of the created system.

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