We want to live in a cleaner, more beautiful and more sustainable environment. So the correct GIS solutions for renewable energy are very important.


The solution will help you take into account surface relief, sun, prevailing winds to least disturb people, and other important criteria when finding the most suitable locations for the construction of renewable energy facilities. Interactive maps and web applications will allow you to track key factors on a map and in data dashboards. Developed mobile applications will allow field workers to collect, transmit and display data on screens in real-time.

When you put it all together, you will be able to find connections, do spatial analysis, and connect Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to solve problems that others ignore or don’t even notice.

The solution for Sustainable Energy consists of:

  • Creation GIS database and maps – view Your business and data you managing on an interactive map.
  • Creation of Web Applications – for viewing and analyzing the data.
  • Creation of Mobile Applications – for viewing, analyzing, collecting and editing the data.
  • Creation of Data Dashboards – for visualize the data overview reports, graphics and the data summaries.
  • Maintenance and Support of the created system.

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